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04/13/09 10:10 PM #39    

Adam Bouchard

I was hoping to get on here and find out about the alumni banquet. Glad everyone had a good time. Angie, that sounds good. You might ask them about a flat rate for us since we are having a reunion. I don't know if there are any other parks with pavillions around that you might check. I know we would have to be able to have adult beverages and some parks don't allow them. Just for grins, I found a web site for Cape County Park. It says the pavillions are free. The web site is old, but it might be worth looking into. I know it would be a little drive but it's an option.

04/15/09 11:30 AM #40    

Barbara Besher (Lueder)

If you guys want to come to Cape for the reunion, I know we can probably get the Tractor Grounds in Egypt Mills if the date is available. I KNOW it allows "adult drinks"!! It also has a kitchen and outside toilets. Also a small playground for the younger children, electric hookups if you want music, plenty of parking, plenty of room for the older kids to go off and "hang" apart from the adults. It is located between Cape and P&G on Hwy 177. Not a long distance from the Fruitland exit off of I55. Since Rick is a member, we can also get it free. Again, if the date is available. We're having Will's grad party there. Not realy close to anything major--we'd have privacy if we wanted and no other "parties" would be there. Also no time limit if we wanted to go late. Cape County has more "things" to do with the lake, etc., but always an idea.

04/15/09 03:48 PM #41    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

Whippoorwill is available the cost is $25.00 for the pavilion and $5.00 per person, kids 5 and under free. But they do not allow alcohol on the beach or at the pavilions.
Barb suggested Egypt Mills Tractor club, that sounds fine but what will the older kids have to do? I have called Cape County Parks to see if they have a pavilion available, when I hear from them I'll let you know.
I hope we can get something decided on soon, so that those who have work to schedule around will have time to do so.
If anyone has a suggestion please throw it out.

04/16/09 12:26 AM #42    

Brad Buerck

The reunion sounds like fun and I am ready to see everyone and have a cold one. The last weekend (June 27th) is not good for me, because we have our church picnic and it last all afternoon and evening. So if that weekend is chosen, I would not be able to attend. Is there anyway that we can choose another weekend in June, because I would really like to be there. If not it is no big deal, I thought I would ask. I would like to see how everyone has changed over the years, I know I have.

04/27/09 04:28 PM #43    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

There is a shelter at the Cape County Park available for Saturday June 27, 2009. It is in the North Park, Shelter 7 and I have reserved it, if we decide to do something different we can cancel the reservation.
If we are going to have a reunion, we need to get some solid plans. And I picked June 27th because that is the weekend with the most votes.
What does everyone else think?

04/28/09 12:13 PM #44    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

I think that is good. That is the weekend that had more votes. You are not going to be able to please everyone so we might as well set it and go from there. I think the Cape County Park would be great.

04/28/09 07:39 PM #45    

Adam Bouchard

Sounds great. What's next? I guess we have a place. We should probably pick a time. Angie, do we have the shelter for the entire day or just between certain hours?

04/30/09 02:17 PM #46    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

We have the shelter from 10:30am to 10pm. Anyone can fish in the lake as long as they have a Missouri fishing license.

Do we want to do the meal as a pot luck?
And I think it would be good to set a time for a class picture, that way if someone can't come for the day maybe they could come for the picture.

05/01/09 11:33 AM #47    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

I think we should gather anytime and we could do pork steaks and then have everyone bring a covered dish. If 4-5 of us bring BBQ grills and they do have one small one there we could do alot of pork steaks. I don't know it is a thought. We could wait to eat until about 4:00 or 4:30. This is just kind of my thoughts. I have 2 BBQ grills I could bring. We could probably get Shelley Yamnitz Bollinger (Butcher Block) to give us a deal on pork steaks.

05/03/09 09:10 PM #48    

Adam Bouchard

I think that Shelly's place sounds like a great place to start. I have a couple of those steam tray things I could bring to keep the meat warm. I don't want to offend anyone but I would like to donate the money for the meat. I feel like since I am way over here in Southwest MO, I won't be able to help with the leg work and I would feel like I was contributing. Does anyone think we should have another choice like burgers for the kids? The pot luck thing sounds great. If we are going to have a picture taken, I would suggest doing it before we start cooking. If Beaver grills, he might not be awake for the picture after the beers. Then again, that might be a really funny picture. Also knowing me, I will take a hit of BBQ sauce during the meal that will look like crap in a picture. I guess we will need to get a good head count so we know how much meat to get. I will also try to see if I can put up a way to sign up with what everyone is going to bring so we don't get 25 different potato salads.

05/03/09 10:39 PM #49    

Barbara Besher (Lueder)

This sounds great! I've got two roasters that I can bring to keep everything warm. If we need more, I can probably borrow 2 or 3 more. They're electric, and Rick can provide a couple of heavy duty extension cords. The problem we may have is that when we did Emily's confirmation dinner at one of the smaller shelters (same side as the conservation bldg)a couple of years ago, we have 4 roasters and it kept blowing the fuse there. I think it was the fuse. Rick fixed it a couple of times but eventually it couldn't be fixed anymore. If the shelter is the one with the cedar looking "building" with the bathrooms, that is the best one. We had my father in laws 80th bday there, and there was plenty of electric. It's the one across the road from the conservation bldg. There's also a hiking path right behind it that's pretty neat.

05/04/09 03:45 PM #50    

Adam Bouchard

Hey guys, I have set up a little "registration" for the reunion so we can get a head count. If you didn't see it on the home page, it's the "25 Year Reunion" link on the upper left of the page. I also added a space so you can add what food you are going to bring to the pot luck. I don't know if we can all see each other's registration. If not, I will work on letting everyone else know what food we have all signed up for.

05/05/09 12:38 PM #51    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

Everything seems to be rolling, Do we need to send a letter for those that haven't taken the time to log on?
The shelter is on the same side as the conservation bldg, its up past the maintence bldg.
What time do we want to set the picture? I think if we set 1pm as the gather time maybe 1:30 or 2pm for the picture or later we can always put bids on those that are messy. I think it would be good to also have burgers and hotdogs for the kids.

05/06/09 09:25 AM #52    

Adam Bouchard

I will take care of sending invitations to everyone. I have the mailing list that Sandy sent to me. I'm working on a little surprise to send everyone with the invitation.

05/07/09 04:13 PM #53    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

Ok--Everything seems to be rolling along. I will bring 2 BBQ grills. I am assuming we will be using charcoal BBQ grills. Also, I am doing a corn dish to bring as my pot luck. Do I need to contact Shelly Bollinger about the meat? Do we want to buy some ground beef from her and then just pick up some hotdogs somewhere to do too?

05/07/09 04:33 PM #54    

Adam Bouchard

I would go ahead and contact Shelly. I'm sure if we give her a heads up, we can give her a final amount that we need sometime like a week before the reunion. We might as well get the ground beef from her too. Can she make the patties for us as well? I will take care of getting the hot dogs. I have also added a page where I will post everyone's dish to bring. As soon as someone registers, I will update it.

05/22/09 08:55 AM #55    

Beaver Shrum

Just to let everyone know I can bring a smoker big
enough to grill all the meat so no one has to drag a grill with them also Adam you said you could get some
hotdogs give me call I can get some nice dogs from a
guy I know cheap and they are like ballpark size.

Barb it was good to see ya at graduation last night
and it will be great to see everyone in June.

05/23/09 11:11 AM #56    

Lisa Hotop (Seyer)

It's been a while since I have been able to log on--I am sorry. I think the park is a great idea. The nature center is close and is open 8-5 for kids and adults alike to visit and cool off in. Since I work there, I can pull some strings and see if one of the naturalists can get a couple of snakes out for the kids in the exhibit area. If you are interested, I can borrow fishing poles for anyone wanting to fish. There are eight poles to a rack and we can borrow however many you want. I can get a tackle box too. The only thing we would need to do is get some worms from Wal Mart that morning and we're set for anyone wanting to fish. If you are 16 and over, you'll need a license, but you could purchase a daily or yearly one from the nature center that day. There are two trails--one behind the nature center and one behind the regional office. There are also backpacks you can borrow and take on the trails with binoculars and field guides for any nature loving enthusiasts. There's a pond in north park where we'll be and one across the road in south park. Bring insect repellant and sunscreen for a day outside guys and gals. There should be something for anyone of any age in the park that day. Does anyone have a washer game to bring? If I see Brad at church, I'll see if he can't pull himself away from the picnic early to come see everyone at the reunion. I can't wait! If I can get one of the girls to help me, I'll get the pictures from the alumni banquet uploaded for everyone to see the group picture. Thank you Angie and Adam for doing the biggest part of this planning (and everyone else too)! You guys are awesome!

06/08/09 10:41 AM #57    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

Adam, Thanks for the MH cups and for doing all that you have done for the reunion. I can't wait to see everyone.

06/09/09 09:23 AM #58    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

Hey Adam,

Thank you for the cups. It was a very nice surprise. I am getting very excited about the reunion and can't wait to see everyone. I will gladly pick up the plates, silverware and napkins for the event.

06/09/09 10:27 AM #59    

Adam Bouchard

Glad you like them. I thought they turned out pretty good. I have more that I will bring to the reunion if anyone wants more.

It's cool that Mrs. McAllister, Bernice and Kela have logged on. It should be fun.

06/09/09 09:22 PM #60    

Bernice Cowling (Davis)

Hi Everyone,
I am very excited about seeing everyone again. I will bring a 7 layer salad and a punch bowl cake. If there is anything else that I need to bring just let me know.

06/09/09 11:19 PM #61    

Barbara Besher (Lueder)

Great cups, Adam! Thanks. I talked to Miss Henson the other day and she's looking forward to getting her invitation. Hopefully she'll sign on soon and can come to the reunion.

06/10/09 10:10 PM #62    

Bernice Cowling (Davis)

I know how I can get a hold of John Eck. I see his brother a lot and I also have his number for his store. I could get a message to him through his brother.Thanks for the cups Adam that was nice. I hope to get some pics of my family and I before to long.

06/11/09 09:31 AM #63    

Adam Bouchard

Barb found his address and e-mailed it to me. I sent him an invitation but a call to him wouldn't hurt. If you or anyone else gets in contact with him, could you ask him if he might know where to find Mr. Henke?


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