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06/18/09 11:46 AM #64    

Lisa Hotop (Seyer)

Thanks for the MH cups! What a nice surprise! You have done so much from so far to get this going--THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone on the 27th. I have registered for the reunion a couple of times--but it doesn't seem to "stick". My family and I plan on being there and I am bringing a salad and a desert. I will also make 5 gallons of sweet tea to bring too. Is there anything else we need to bring? If you think of anything, let me know. It's awesome to see that some of our old teachers are coming to join us. This is so cool!! Take care...Lisa

06/18/09 03:48 PM #65    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

I am getting so excited to see everyone. I wish everyone would come that would be even better. Also, my mom and dad are coming. She was suppose to get on and do all that but I see she has not done so.

06/28/09 07:05 PM #66    

Kela Yount (Stricklin)

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who had a hand in planning the reunion. I had a lot of fun! It was really good to see everyone and catch up a little. Wish we could have stayed longer, but it was way too hot for Jacob. Looking forward to the next reunion!

06/28/09 07:15 PM #67    

Lisa Hotop (Seyer)

CLASS OF '84--I had a great time yesterday!! It was hotter than hell itself, but I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. It was great reliving the past. There is so much I forgot (it was embarassing)!!! Adam and Theresa, I can't say it enough... thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you, Theresa. Both you and Adam made it possible for us to get this reunion together and I am ever so grateful.

For those of you who didn't make it, you missed a great time. Hope all of you are doing well, nonetheless. There are some of you who have logged on and I was looking forward to seeing...Barb, Chigger, Tom, Terri and Kim. Missed seeing you guys there. Some of our classmates at the reunion updated me on some of you. Tom, I understand your daughter is recovering from a bad accident. Hope she, you and your family are doing better. I can't imagine having anything happen to any of my girls, so my prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there. Terri, I read in the paper where your husband passed away not that long ago. I have been thinking of you and your family ever since. You are in my prayers as well.

I hope someone more computer savvy than I is able to post pictures from the reunion on this website (hint, hint Adam) so that the rest can enjoy via the internet how we've all change. Maybe then, we'll get even more to show up at the next reunion--which I think all of us hope will be sooner than the next 25 years.

Again, I had a great time! It was so good seeing all of you again. Here's to the class of '84....Lisa

06/29/09 09:50 AM #68    

Adam Bouchard

I'm at work on the Monday morning after our reunion. I had the best time seeing and catching up with everyone. The one thing that struck me is that there was a lot of laughter on Saturday. I'm sure the years have clouded my memory a little, but I remember us being the exact same way back at MHHS. It makes me smile every time I think about it. My wife had a great time too. I know how it feels to be the spouse at a reunion. She had her 20th last summer. Everyone made her feel comfortable and I thank you for that.

I'll see what I can do as far as pictures. I'd like to somehow put up a page where everyone can upload their pictures and make one big album. If not, I'll figure out something.

06/29/09 09:52 AM #69    

Adam Bouchard

Just to let everyone know, Kim Chalk sent me a nice message and said her work schedule changed so that's why she wasn't able to come. She's looking forward to the pictures and our next gathering.

06/29/09 12:38 PM #70    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

What a great time saturday, but as Lisa stated earlier it was hotter then hell.
Thanks to Adam and Theresa for all they did to make it happen.
It was great to see everyone that did show, and I hope we don't wait another 25 years to get together.
Beaver, Emily said any time your ready to ride a bull, all we have to do is call.

06/29/09 03:46 PM #71    

Adam Bouchard

OK, I've figured out how to make a page to post pictures, but it looks like I have to do it. If you all could e-mail your pictures to me, I will post them on the page. I'll also try to burn a CD of them for everyone. Here's my address:

07/02/09 03:02 PM #72    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

Bill and I had a great time Saturday. Lets do this again soon. I told Bill when I got home that I really did miss all of you now very much. What a great class we had and how much fun to see everyone again. Let's start planning something else now. I want to see everyone soon.

Adam, thank you for taking the time to put all this together via the internet--how great.

07/06/09 09:59 PM #73    

Bernice Cowling (Davis)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to say that I actually had a great time also. My husband did to. I actually felt like I was part of the class for once. I really didn't feel that in school. But I wanted everyone to know that I really enjoyed seeing everyone again as well. Adam thank you for all that you and your wife did for the reunion. I hope that we can all get together soon. Maybe when it isn't as hot. Any way thanks to all of you and I hope everything in your lives goes as you want them.

07/08/09 11:57 AM #74    

Adam Bouchard

On my drive back home on the Sunday after the reunion, Theresa was ready for a float trip to be planned. I know it was talked about, but if anyone is interested, throw out some ideas. A beer and a float always sounds like a good time to me.

I appreciate everyone's nice comments about bringing this reunion together, but I really just got the ball rolling. Angie, Kristi, and Beaver did more ground work than me and they deserve all of the credit. The most work I did was packaging up all of those damn cups. By the way, does anyone want any more?

07/12/09 05:08 PM #75    

Bernice Cowling (Davis)

Hi Adam,
I would be interested in more of the cups if you have a lot left. Just let me know what you want me to do. I really enjoyed seeing everyone again. Hope to see everyone again soon.

07/27/09 11:30 AM #76    

Adam Bouchard

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I've been under the gun at work and have been out of town. I'll get some in the mail to you in the next couple of days. If anyone else wants some, let me know.

08/26/09 04:45 PM #77    

Mike Garland

Hi everyone,

I was trying to find some classmates and happened to find your website. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your reunion. Lisa, I know would have been right in the middle of all your fun, if only time had been on her side. She is still missed every day by her family, and it was nice to read the nice messages. I wish our class had a site like this, but seems as if no interest that I can find. Thanks for letting me be adopted by the 84'ers.

Mike Garland - 85

08/28/09 01:59 PM #78    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

Hey Mike,

We will take you in with us. It was great to see your posting on this website. Stay in touch and hope to see you soon. It has been to long. It was great to see you at graduation though.

01/30/10 02:00 PM #79    

Lisa Hotop (Seyer)

Mike--good to hear from you and the class of 85! How is Lisa's mom doing? We used to send Christmas cards back and forth, but we haven't for a number of years now. I hope she is getting along just fine--please tell her I said hi and that I think of her often at Christmas and in May as well (when Lisa passed away). This website is awesome and a great way to keep up--I only wish I had better internet access and more time to do so.
Angie--I saw Poovey Lou's mom and dad at Wal Mart in Jackson two days ago. When I asked how ole' Tina was doing, they told me she had a great time at the reunion and that she logged on to the website here recently and saw that you posted pictures from Kyla's wedding. So, I had to check them out too! Great pictures and what a beautiful crew you have. My gosh Kory looks like he grew a foot since the other family photos you had posted! Hope everyone is doing fine. I am typing this as I look outside at the big snow we just got last night. Hope this is the last of winter--I'm ready for spring.
Hello to everyone else who may be checking back in!! If anyone decides to go the Alumni Banquet, please log on and say so. I would like to go again this year if I get the chance to catch up with everyone again.

01/30/10 02:11 PM #80    

Lisa Hotop (Seyer)

I should have checked EVERYTHING out before posting my last response. Melissa--how great to see and hear from you and your family! You missed a great (albeit, hotter than a firecracker )reunion with the class of 84. Hope we can get something together again soon and more people are able to make it and have fun. We had a blast catching up and reliving old times. You have a great looking family and it was great seeing and hearing from you. Take care...Lisa

02/08/10 10:56 AM #81    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

On a sad note, just letting everyone know that Lisa Garlands Mom, Maedean passed away Sunday Feb. 7, 2010.

02/10/10 01:54 PM #82    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

Great to see people on here chatting again. I did go to funeral home on Monday night for Maedean. She was a really great lady, who will be sadly missed by her family.

03/04/10 03:22 PM #83    

Sandy Allen (Mangels)

Be looking for your invitation to the Alumni Banquet they will be mailed on Friday, March 5th. Hope a lot of us can attend again this year. Log on and let us know if your coming or not.

03/17/10 08:40 PM #84    

Bernice Cowling (Davis)

Hi everyone, I don't know if you all know or remember Becky Davis but she had passed away a couple weeks ago. She has had a lot of hard times in her life but now she can rest in peace. She was my best friend in school and we kind of grew apart after I graduated. I will miss her and will think of her often. Just thought you would want to know.

03/18/10 05:42 PM #85    

Kristi Roe (Nitsch)

So sorry to hear about Becky. I do remember her. I will pray for her family and friends as they go through this very difficult time.

03/24/10 03:49 PM #86    

Sandy Yount (Hughes)

Hello! I have new internet. Now I see what is going on with all of you. Hello Everyone

08/22/13 10:06 AM #87    

Angie Allen (Mouser)

Hey Class of "84"

Next year will be our 30th year, does anyone want to have a reunion?  The last one we had was fun, but lets not have it in the heat of the summer, unless we are on the water.  Just thought if we were going to have something, we should start thinking about it.

03/16/14 06:45 PM #88    

Sandy Allen (Mangels)

Invitations to the Meadow Height Alumni Banquet will be mailed out later this week.  Since this will be our 30th, I thought it would be nice if we could all attend.  It's now the Saturday after Easter, April 26th, at 6:30.

If someone has Debbie "Kelley" Willson's current address I would appreciate it, her post card came back last year as "undeliverable".  Also, if you have moved please let me know so that I can update your address.  Thanks and hope to see you on the April 26th.

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